A must-see destination in the Atacama Desert, discover the colourful arid mountains and petroglyphs of the Rainbow Valley on this special guided tour


The Rainbow Valley is located in the Domeyko Mountains of the Atacama Desert. A kaleidoscope of colour, and geological and archaeological spectacle, the Rainbow Valley is a must-see destination while visiting the Atacama Desert. Several options are available from 4wd tour, to a short walk or longer hike. We recommend the Purilactis Trek which begins on the shores of the Salada River at an altitude of 3000 metres (9842 feet) above sea level, before traversing the arid valley surrounded by gorge walls filled with 10,000 year old petroglyph carvings. Following an undulating trail between rocky outcrops and caves, you will ultimately arrive at multicoloured cliff walls of the remarkable Rainbow Valley. Formed after many millennia of shifting wind and weather systems, the Rainbow Valley is a special place to contemplate the ancient arid landscape of the Atacama Desert. Extension options include a visit to the town of Hierbas Buenas, where intricate pre-Columbian petroglyphs depict animals and mysterious ancient messages.

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