Walk into Luxury holds Advanced Ecotourism Certification and has measures in place to minimise waste and emissions from our operations, and to offset unavoidable emissions from our signature Cape to Cape Walk through our team’s tree planting efforts in WA’s South-West.

We support this further by this by contributing a carbon offset amount on all journey payments, on behalf of our guests.

The carbon offset amount is based on the average tonnes of Co2 emissions generated by the distances travelled by air, land and water on a Walk into Luxury journey. We use Carbon Neutral’s greenhouse gas emission calculator to determine the tonnes of emission for each signature journey and then average the total tonnes of emissions across the number of signature journeys. As every Walk into Luxury journey can be personalised, using an average calculation in this way ensures as a travelling community we are containing our overall impact without the calculation process becoming prohibitively complex.

Carbon offset amounts we collect are held in a dedicated carbon credit account and transferred quarterly to our partner, Carbon Neutral, an Australian fund that invests in reforestation projects supporting habitat restoration in Australia including Australia’s south-west (a globally recognised world biodiversity hotspot).

Tree planting 2019 team

Walk into Luxury team "Giving Back" to the Cape to Cape Track, 2019, 2022 and 2023