When is the best time to visit WA?

Western Australia is a vast State with two distinct weather zones dictating the best time to visit. The northern third of the State including Broome and the Kimberley experience warm dry winters and humid wet summer months between November and March.

The ‘wet season’ can bring damaging storms to the coast and significant rainfall events, especially in the East Kimberley. This is also a season where travel can be impacted by seasonal closures in some areas due to flooding.

Ningaloo Reef is located further south than the Kimberley and is not impacted by the significant rain events of the northern wet season, but it can be battered by damaging winds and cyclones in the hot humid summer months. The best months to visit Ningaloo and the Kimberley are from April to October, which promise warm dry days and comfortable nights with little rain. Given the limited dry season, it is always worth booking early when planning a trip to the Kimberley, Broome or Ningaloo Reef.

The more temperate remainder of the State features a Mediterranean climate with cool wet winters and warm dry summer months. The hottest months are between December and March, but the warm conditions can last from October to May in Perth and WA’s South West including Margaret River and Albany.

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