What to do at Lake St Clair and Pumphouse Point?

There are plenty of things to do at Lake St Clair and Pumphouse Point, with bushwalking and spending time on the water topping the list for most.

NMP 0041 Walkinto Luxury Lake St Clair print Natasha Mulhall

You can take in Lake St Clair from the shoreline by e-bike or mountain bike, riding alongside the water on the firm beach trails, or you may prefer to drift around in a rowboat to admire the surrounding wilderness. Complimentary boats and e-bikes are included with your stay at Pumphouse Point, and a perfect way to get a new perspective of the lake on your free afternoon on day 3 of the Lake St Clair Walk.

Another must-do experience at Lake St Clair included in the 4 day experience with Walk into Luxury is a boat ride to Echo Point or Narcissus Hut which takes you most of the length of the Lake offering special views to the mountains beyond.

Our final tip for what to do at Lake St Clair is to simply relax at Pumphouse Point; why not indulge in a massage treatment post-hike while you're at it (pre-booking essential).

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