How difficult is the Lake St Clair walk and what’s the terrain like?

Lake St Clair Walk is considered a moderately challenging walk. We recommend training for all multi-day walks to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Walkinto Luxury Lake St Clair NMP 1236 Natasha Mulhall

The walks we undertake at Lake St Clair and Mount Field are bush trails, not sealed pathways. While most of the walks are considered moderate, some sections are more challenging involving uneven terrain and short steep inclines/declines. Sure footedness is required in places where there are tree routes and uneven ground, particularly after wet weather. We recommend preparing for your experience with some general fitness/hiking training and packing for the conditions with mid-ankle hiking boots and wet weather protection for your comfort. Our team will provide further tips upon booking. If you enjoy walking and are of good health and fitness you should enjoy the Lake St Clair Walk with a bit of preparation, provided you’re steady on your feet.

We recommend guests aged 69 or over, or guests with medical conditions/concerns, obtain a medical certificate confirming they are fit and healthy to undertake the walk.

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