When is the best time to visit Lake St Clair?

Lake St Clair weather is best in the Summer and Autumn months, if you prefer mild warm conditions and less rain and snow.

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Tasmania has a cool temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The alpine and central plateau regions see snow in the winter months, so we tend to recommend walking holidays in the warmer months particularly in Summer/early Autumn (December to April), where average maximum temperatures sit in the low twenties (degrees celsius). The winter and early Spring is cool; temperatures can drop to single figures and occasionally below zero with snowfall around the inland alpine areas including the trails and peaks above Lake St Clair. October and November bring increasingly fine conditions with crisp mornings and nights. Wind and rain is common in the Winter months and shoulder season around Lake St Clair so it's always good to come prepared with wet weather gear. We operate our 4 Day Lake St Clair Walk between October and April for the best conditions.

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