Which is the best Kimberley luxury cruise?

Choosing the best Kimberley luxury cruise is a bit like picking a favourite child. Walk into Luxury is fortunate to have access to a number of exceptional local Kimberley cruise operators and some of the world’s best expedition boats. Select one of our partners for your luxury Kimberley cruise for a guaranteed great time. But first, let us share a few insider tips and thoughts to help narrow your choice.

Kimberley cruise True North

When choosing your luxury Kimberley cruise, start by asking yourself how do you like to cruise? Do you enjoy spending your time on the ship and indulging in great food and wine? Or would you rather go on exclusive excursions to natural pools and waterfalls? Would you like to know every passenger on board by the end of your trip, or is privacy more of your thing?

Generally speaking, the smaller the boat the closer you will be able to get to the iconic attractions on your cruise boat. Having said that, if you go with a larger expedition cruise ship, you will likely have a number of Zodiacs or tender boats available to whisk you to key sites offering similar access to at least the majority of the sites you’ll want to see up close. The case for the larger ships generally revolves around facilities, as you can expect a wider range of restaurants, bars and spa/sauna facilities with the global expedition boats than say a small local superyacht.

A final consideration for many is the quality of the crew and service. For us, this is particularly important as we think every guest deserves to be greeted by name and looked after with personalised attention and service. With this in mind, we find it hard to go past True North for the best Kimberley cruise experience, as it has a guest-to-crew ratio that is unmatched and comprised of locals with expert knowledge and a genuine desire to show you the best of their backyard.

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