When is the best time to cruise the Kimberley?

The best time to cruise the Kimberley is from late March to September, with the season in the offshore Rowley Shoals – known for exceptional scuba diving - running into October.

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Your Kimberley cruise will be different depending on the month you travel. The earlier months are the start of the dry season and follow the dramatic downpours of the Northern wet season. This means if you travel in March or April you can expect to see the waterfalls at their thunderous best. This time of year can still be quite hot and humid though, so be aware that rain is possible.

May to July sees the most pleasant of the dry season conditions, with warm days but not as much humidity or extreme heat. August and September are great for swimming in water holes and enjoying the spray from the waterfalls, but the later in the season, the hotter it gets. Our resident Kimberley cruise expert suggests April to June for the ideal combination of dramatic waterfalls and easing humidity. Honestly though, seeing the Kimberley at any time of year is an experience not to be missed.

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