What trips can Walk into Luxury book for me?

Walk into Luxury can book your luxury tour, lodge and hotel stays, walking tours, cruises and even flights in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and even Antarctica.

We are a full service tour company and online travel platform which means we have access to luxury travel product globally, and can often help with booking product regardless of whether it is currently featured on our website. While we will always have an outsized expertise in Australian and New Zealand luxury lodges and walks, our team has a wide-ranging expertise covering the globe and all styles of luxury travel including accredited cruise experts.

If you are planning a special trip, please consider approaching your Walk into Luxury contact first and they'll let you know if we can assist or whether there is a better industry expert or platform to book with for the specific itinerary you're planning.

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Can I book one of the Great Walks of Australia for my private group?

Yes you can book one of the Great Walks of Australia as a private group, with most of the Great Walks allowing up to 10 or 12 walkers per departure. There are options for a custom group walk for larger groups on some of the Great Walks tracks, but they are each unique so please get in touch with our expert team so we can explain the best options for your group size and abilities.