What to pack for a luxury lodge-based walk in New Zealand

Your main luggage remains at the lodge and you will carry just a day pack weighing between 5-7 kg containing the items you need on the trail, including your lunch and snacks, water, waterproof and warm layers, and other personal items.

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What to bring

  • A small backpack to carry the items you need on the trail (e.g. lunch, snacks, water, extra layers and personal items)
  • High-quality 100% waterproof rain jacket with hood
  • A large water bottle or hydration pack (minimum one-litre capacity)
  • Sturdy waterproof hiking boots with mid-to-high ankle support are a must due to the uneven terrain; to avoid blisters, boots should be comfortable and worn in
  • Spare socks (wool or thermal blend) and underwear
  • Comfortable hiking clothing – we recommend long loose-fitting clothing for sun and wind protection and to shield your legs and arms from stray branches
  • Layered clothing is recommended – a set of wool or polypropylene thermal tops and bottoms, a few t-shirts, a long-sleeve shirt, a pair of shorts, a fleece jacket or warm jumper (wear or pack)
  • Beanie or woollen hat and gloves (even during the summer months)
  • Long pants – waterproof or quick-dry material is advised (not cotton or denim)
  • Walking poles if you prefer to use them
  • Change of clothes, sleepwear, and lightweight shoes/sandals for evenings at the lodges
  • Sun protection, including a peaked or brimmed hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • Prescription glasses and/or any medication you may require (including an EPI pen)
  • Personal toiletries in small containers, including insect repellent, blister pack and sports tape
  • Your camera and/or mobile phone, chargers, a small torch, and spare batteries
  • Bank card (or preferred device) for purchasing personal items and incidentals

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