When is the best time to walk the Larapinta Trail?

The best time to walk the Larapinta Trail is in Autumn, Winter or Spring, ideally from April to October when daytime temperatures are mild

Larapinta Trail Walk

The best time to walk the Larapinta Trail is from April to October, when conditions are milder than the hot summer months. Alice Springs and the West McDonnell Ranges, where the Larapinta trek departs form, is located in the Red Centre of the Northern Territory characterised by its arid desert environment and climate. Many consider the Winter months the optimal time to do the Larapinta trek because the low-mid 20C maximum temperatures and clear blue skies make for great walking conditions, but this needs to be weighed up against the very cold nights experienced at this time of year in the West McDonnell Ranges. During Winter (Jun-August), evening temperatures can drop to minus 3C to 5C. If you don't like the thought of being at an outdoor camp at night in such cool temperatures, you may prefer to hike the Larapinta in the Autumn or Spring shoulder months. The hiking conditions in these months offer comfortable, thought slightly warmer, conditions for walking, averaging 12-27C in March-May and 13-30C in Sept-October. Evenings are slightly warmer than the chilly winter nights, so it may be possible to sleep under the stars if you want to pull your bed out of your tent for that sleeping under the stars experience.

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Can I book one of the Great Walks of Australia for my private group?

Yes you can book one of the Great Walks of Australia as a private group, with most of the Great Walks allowing up to 10 or 12 walkers per departure. There are options for a custom group walk for larger groups on some of the Great Walks tracks, but they are each unique so please get in touch with our expert team so we can explain the best options for your group size and abilities.