What are the benefits of a Corporate Challenge?

A corporate challenge or retreat can be a great way for a business to support employee wellbeing, foster teamwork and develop leadership potential, with benefits lasting long after the event.

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A corporate challenge has the power to motivate your team and improve staff retention and job satisfaction. Stepping outside of the day-to-day and facing a challenge together improves work relationships, team outlook and if well-executed, can be a compelling reason for staff to stay with your business so as to not miss out on next year’s event.

A challenge event can also be used to support company goals, such as gender diversity and inclusion. As an example, an organisation may invite women in leadership positions along with some promising women at different levels of the organisation to participate in a special corporate challenge for a charity chosen by the women. This can be a powerful way to build vital mentor relationships and empower the women in your business.

The benefits of a corporate challenge for the nominated charity can also be significant. An annual corporate challenge event can have a great impact over time both financially through funds raised, and from greater awareness and support for the charity partner among participants and their circles of influence.

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Although a fully detailed itinerary was prepared and approved, “Walk into Luxury” was still able to provide WOW moments for everyone through their professionalism and service delivery throughout
Corporate challenge – October 2019