Can I share a Friends Travel Program deal with my friend?

Yes you can. If you think a friend or family member would appreciate the style of travel we offer, by all means share any of our special offers with them.

In addition to sharing a specific special offer or link to this page with your friend, you may like to suggest they sign up for our emails using the subscribe link in our website footer. This will ensure they receive future emails about Walk into Luxury's growing suite of luxury travel product. Make sure you've signed up to our main email list too, so you receive our monthly email about new destinations, walks, lodges and more.

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Can I book one of the Great Walks of Australia for my private group?

Yes you can book one of the Great Walks of Australia as a private group, with most of the Great Walks allowing up to 10 or 12 walkers per departure. There are options for a custom group walk for larger groups on some of the Great Walks tracks, but they are each unique so please get in touch with our expert team so we can explain the best options for your group size and abilities.